Ecostrat has over 20 years experience sourcing and supplying over 5 million tons of wood fiber and organic feedstock in markets across North America. We offer reliable biomass feedstock supply and powerful analytics to understand and minimize supply chain risk.

  • Biomass Supply Services

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    Ecostrat supplies quality biomass feedstock to markets across North America and overseas under secure, long-term contracts. From post-industrial and virgin wood fiber to organic substrates, you can count on us to deliver quality biomass on time, every time.

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  • Advisory Services

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    We leverage our supply experience, our Biomass Supply Network® and our suite of powerful Biomass Supply Chain Analytics® to develop, assess and optimize biomass supply chains. Our reports are the industry standard for biomass project developers and investors.

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Ecostrat By The Numbers

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    5 Million

    tons of biomass supplied over 20 years

  • Number

    tons of wood fiber and organic feedstock every year

  • Number
    75 Million

    tons of monitored “project available” supplier data in our Biomass Supply Network®

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    How Much Can We Charge? Using Gravity Models to Predict Feedstock Availability and Tip Fees for Biogas Project

    Clear understanding of the availability of feedstock and of the tip fees a new anaerobic digestion project can command is critical for developers and financiers. From a high level, it is possible to generate reliable estimates of feedstock generation in a region, but understanding what quantities of feedstock a project can expect to attract and the tip fees it can charge is a challenge

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    What is the cost of Cap & Trade on the Greenhouse Industry in Ontario?

    A significant cost portion for operating a greenhouse in Ontario is heating. With the new Cap & Trade program implemented on January 2017, the cost of heating with fossil fuel will rise. This white paper will help explain the cost of this Cap & Trade program and how this cost can be mitigated.

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Compressed Insight for Biomass Professionals
  • May 29, 2017

    Simulating your Biomass Supply Chain to find Opportunities to Reduce Cost and Risk

    In this paper, a simulation model is developed, which models an entire actual biomass supply. Because the various simulation scenarios are run rapidly in a virtual computer environment, it is very easy to make changes and clearly see the impact on the supply chain.

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  • April 7, 2017

    Unexpected Cost Savings by Building Resiliency into Agricultural Biomass Supply Chains

    Natural disruptions, such as droughts, floods, or pest infestations, are a real risk to agricultural biomass supply chains. Projects that depend on agricultural feedstocks must plan for these risks to ensure continual operations.

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Learn About Our Biomass Supply Network®


Our proprietary Biomass Supply Network® is the largest and most comprehensive database on biomass availability, pricing and markets in North America. The BSN is the result of over 12 years of aggregating and curating transactional market data from both suppliers and users of biomass. The Biomass Supply Network® enables best-of-kind analyses regarding:

– Biomass availability and price
– Market trends
– Project development ‘hot-spots’
– Logistics planning
– Risks and sensitivities

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