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Our Biomass Group purchases, manufactures and distributes wood by-products and biomass. We developed the Biomass Supply Network© which gives us preferred access to over 200,000 point sources of wood and the largest supply network of any wood fiber supplier in North America today. Our clients are primarily thermal, power, pellet, biochemical and biofuel producers.

We aggregate and supply over 400,000 tonnes of wood fiber annually throughout the US, Canada and overseas, and have been doing so for over 20 years. We specialize in virgin, post-industrial, and C&D wood fiber.

Our integrated logistics and supply network (truck, rail and ocean vessel) are capable of delivering biomass anywhere in North America and the world. We have proven and significant experience with contracting and delivering large volumes of biomass, having made the first bulk shipments of fuel pellets to the Netherlands in 2003, and the first successful bulk vessel to the Turkish composite board market in 2005.

The largest proprietary network of wood fiber supply in North America. Our integrated logistics network means reliable delivery anywhere

The Biomass Supply Network©

Over 80% of all Major Point Sources in North America
Ecostrat’s Biomass Supply Network® (BSN) is the largest and most comprehensive database of biomass fiber supply sources in North America–virgin, post-industrial and construction & demolition. The BSN is the result of over 10 years and 30,000 man-hours of collecting, consolidating, and parsing of raw source data. It contains most major point sources of pulpwood, chips, forest residues and post-industrial wood in the US and Canada. It is the most complete database of post-industrial and C&D wood fiber sources in North America today.

The Gold Standard for Feedstock Source Data
With proprietary, qualified data on sources producing over 75 million tons per year, the Biomass Supply Network® data is the gold standard when it comes to understanding fiber availability and cost.

Real “Ask” Prices
After 20 years and 5 million tons of real procurement experience, our philosophy is that the most accurate understanding of fiber availability and cost begins with what suppliers say they are willing to make available to the project and the price at which they are willing sell it: the “ask” price. Our primary data points come from actual generators of feedstock—not from buyers.

“Project Available” Quantities
Our client’s understand that the key metric is not necessarily what the local paper companies pay for fiber — they want to know what actual suppliers are “asking” to supply their projects and the quantities they are willing to commit. This is “Project Available” data and this is what makes Ecostrat a leader in feasibility studies and risk assessments for biomass feedstock.

Cost Data for 75,000,000 Tons Each Year
The BSN is a proprietary informational asset and lies at the base of our industry-leading approach to understanding biomass supply chain risk. Our team of biomass supply chain experts, supported by the largest network of wood biomass sources in the country, make us uniquely positioned to provide accurate leading-edge information on supply, pricing, sustainability and competition in any project woodshed.

For a free on-line demo of the Biomass Supply Network® contact us.


FiberPriceTracker is a web-based utility designed by Ecostrat for biomass buyers. It enables new buyers of wood fiber to quickly get an estimated delivered fiber price anywhere in North America with a mouse click. It enables existing buyers to easily benchmark their current costs against high/lows in the region.

Our fiber prices are real. Each blue point represents a qualified point source of fiber supply in North America: we track data for over 72,000,000 tons of fiber per year. The FiberPriceTracker utility filters out suppliers more than 60 miles outside the chosen woodshed, it consolidates actual sell prices of suppliers within the project woodshed, it calculates transportation costs to the project site, and then aggregates this data into an estimate of delivered fiber cost. The result: quick, real-time, area-specific determinations of FOB purchase price for five major categories of woody biomass. Try FiberPriceTracker now.

To inquire about putting FiberPriceTracker at no cost on your company`s site please Contact Us.

What could you do with the power of the largest network of woody biomass supply at your fingertips? Find out. Plug in your own project location anywhere in North America and verify the high/low fiber price for that region.

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Biomass Supply Chain Certification


Become An Agent

Ecostrat has a valued network of Agents across North America. Our agents come from many different fields: trucking, forestry, pulp and paper procurement, retired sawmill operators and more.

They all have one thing in common: they understand the value of relationships and are tapped into opportunities to supply or purchase fiber in their local woodsheds. Our agents have the connections; our in-house team executes the transactions and manages day-to-day shipments of fiber.

To become an agent you will need to:

  • Share our values. We believe authenticity, honesty in all our business dealings and in business interactions that add value to all parties involved. Be able to develop a strong alignment to Ecostrat’ s culture.
  • Be connected: At least 10 years of local experience means that you will know of “real” opportunities to buy or supply wood fiber in the local region.
  • Have the ability to fund the start-up phase of joining our team. During your start-up phase, it may take time to begin purchasing or providing wood fiber, and could take 3-6 months before earnings start to flow. Ecostrat will fund the purchase of fiber, equipment and all logistics. You will require enough financial stability to cover your personal expenditures during this period.
  • Skill Set: Have breadth of sector and transactional experience. Have business development experience or a willingness to be involved in it. Have excellent presentation and communication skills.

For details and to discuss Agency Fees please contact: jordan.solomon@ecostrat.com.

Our agents use their knowledge of local opportunities to buy or sell wood fiber to generate ongoing income

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