Andrew Triolo

Senior Project Manager & Supply Chain Analyst, Biomass Advisory Group

Andrew Triolo is a Project Manager for the Biomass Advisory Group at Ecostrat where he oversees a team of multi-disciplinary consultants which complete Biomass Supply Assessments for various types of bioenergy projects.

As Project Manager at Ecostrat, Andrew conducts primary and secondary research on biomass availability and pricing throughout North America. His research and analyses are integrated into Ecostrat’s database and Biomass Supply Assessments which provide bioenergy developers with results which lead to actionable decisions.

Andrew’s areas of expertise include biomass procurement, supply chain analytics, environmental sustainability, communications, and feedstock logistics. He also conducts GIS-based analyses and data management, including the Wood2Energy database which is the largest resource for wood to energy facilities in North America.

Andrew completed an HBA in Environmental Studies from the University of Toronto specializing in Environmental Policy and Renewable Energy projects. He then completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in Green Business Management from Seneca College where he focused on sustainability initiatives and renewable energy implementation.